Never Shouldve Let You Go Keyboard


Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by tercmoraes

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Never Shouldve Let You Go



verse 1: 
C                   G             C 
I thought I'd be fine living without you 
                       G                         C 
Because you wanted something that I couldn't give 
But if I'd known then what I'd go through 
That every time I close my eyes 
I see your face and realize 

D Because I never should've let you go C And I still feel it burning in my soul G There's no deeper pain A Knowing every day D That I'm never gonna to get you back C And I'm still living with that regret G A Every night in this bed on my own D I never should have let you go
verse 2: C G C You walked away and I still can't blame you G C I know that you found what you needed in me G There's somebody else I hang on to A The memories I've lost D Is all that's left here because Bridge: C G And it's Hell knowing what I've lost D And that day I payed the cost A I'll wake up and realized that you are gone. *Rhythm Guitar goes back to playing Chorus throughout rest of song* D C G A I'll write up the Solo in an update. It's pretty simple, all of it is on the "G" string starting out on the 11th Fret and playing around with it, except on the 3rd and 4th bars, it goes to the 12th Fret. Enjoy :D

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