Stay (acoustic)


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Stay (acoustic)

Intro: C   F   Bb   C (x2) 

verse 1 

C               F 
Like a deserted town in winter 
    Bb                 C 
The sun has gone and I linger on 
    C                      F 
The coloured lights on the pier 
          Bb                   C 
Have disappeared and the radio plays a sad song 
Like a ship lost at sea I'm drowning 
Bb                  C 
As the world closes in 
Strength where are you now 
                Bb            C 
Are you with me on this precipice 

G C C You can stay if you want to F C C But I must drift away G C C You can do what you want to F Bb Bb I'm leaving the ghosts behind
verse 2 C5 F5 Frozen like a memory Bb5 C5 1 close my eyes and then it's gone F5 As night turns into day Bb5 C5 The clock is waiting to have its say F5 In a minute it's years Bb C5 And the end is closing in F5 Strength where are you now Bb5 C5 Are you with me on this precipice

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