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Turning Away Keyboard


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Turning Away

It's no sin that somehow 
          C             Em         D     G5   G                C 
Light is coming from the shadow, And turning away from all we have known 
Em              C           G       Em            G        C 
Unaware of how much we can grow, And you don't have to be stoned, 
G                C    Em          D      G5    G 
I know that I am not alone in the dream of the proud 

Em      D        G 
On the wings of the night 
         C            Em             D      G 
When the daytime is coming, And the sober unite in a 
C              Em                    C         G        Em                G 
sober accord, Doing these drunks will find are strange, mesmerized as We light 
   C           G                 C       Em       D         G 
the flame, We can feel the new wind of change on the wings of the night 

BRIDGE:(distorted electric) 

E5   D   Cadd9   C5    D5    Em     D    A5  (B note on fifth string) 

(A note on fifth string) C5 C#5 / D5 / A5 \  A5   Am   C  C#5 / D5 / A \  E5 

/ = Slide up to next chord   \ = slide down to next chord 


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