Richie Furay


Richie Furay



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	  		Intro:  Fm  D#  C#  (2X) 
Fm      D#            C#       /D# 
We have just begun to love now 
Fm             D#                C#      
You touched my heart and made me cry 
    G#         /F            C# 
And who should need a reason why 
     G#                   Cm  
When all I need to say is love has found a way 
Fm     F# C#        D# 
Oh oh, I  I'm "Satisfied" 
Fm          D#               C#       /D# 
It's not to say when we were younger 
Fm       D#                  C# 
We never knew what made love real 
   G#          /F                 C# 
It seemed your kiss were there to steal 
    G#                     Cm 
You took my heart and ran, said I was your man 
Fm     F# C#        D# 
And oh I, I was "Satisfied" 
G#        Cm             C# 
So let me hold you in my arms 
G#          Cm         C# 
My heart is poundin' inside 
   G#            F#            Fm           E  
Whenever you are there there's magic in the air 
G#                 C#            Fm      Fm  D#  C#  (2X) 
Baby let me say to you I'm "Satisfied" 
I watched to see if you were listening 
The first time I said I loved you 
Oooh I saw your smile come shinin' through 
I couldn't help but feel uou gave your love for real 
And oh I, was "Satisfied" 				 
Chorus 2X 
by: Josť Duarte 
[email protected] 


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