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I Wish Keyboard

R. Kelly

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by abelamin

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I Wish

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Dm          C 
I wish, I wish, I wish 
To every city 
Am7         Bb 
I wish, I wish, I wish 
Every hood 

Dm          C 
I wish, I wish, I wish 
And every block 
Am7                Bb 
I wish, I wish, I wish 
Ghetto America 

Dm                                     C 
Rollin' through the hood, just stopped by to say what's up 
    Am7                             Bb 
And let you know that your baby boy ain't doing so tough 
Dm                           C 
And even though you passed going on four long years 
Am7              Bb 
Still waking up late at night crying tears 
Dm                         C                       Am7 
Just thinking about those days you used to talk to me 
Smilin' while I'm sippin' on this Hennessy 
Dm           C                            Am7                        Bb 
And remember we bragged on how rich we would be, to get up out this hood was like a fantasy 

Dm                             C 
And now you hear my songs the radio is playin' 
Oh I can't believe my ears 
And what everybody's sayin' 
Dm                      C 
And boy I'll tell you, folks don't know the half 
  Am7                    Bb 
I would give it all up, just to take one ride 

Dm            C 
How I used to kick it on the front porch 
Am7                Bb 
And how I used to lay back and smoke weed 
Dm                  C                         Am7 
And all the little basement party joints we'd do 
Now I'm just missing you 
How I wish 

Dm C I wish that I could hold you now Am7 Bb I wish that I could touch you now Dm C I wish that I could talk to you Am7 Bb Be with you somehow Dm C I know you're in a better place Am7 Bb Even though I can't see your face Dm C I know you're smiling down on me Am7 Bb Saying everything's okayyy
Dm C Am7 And if I make it out this thug life Bb Dm I'll see you again someday Dm C I wish, I wish, I wish Am7 Bb I wish, I wish, I wish verse 2 Dm C Now ever since this money come, been nothing but stress Am7 Bb Sometimes I wish I could trade in my success Dm C Y'all look at me and say boy you've been blessed Am7 Bb But y'all don't see the inside of my unhappiness Dm C Man I swear this shit gets heavy like a ton Am7 Bb That's why you hear me shootin' This real shit off like a gun Dm C Hmm I wonder how my friends would treat me now Am7 Bb If I wasn't iced up with a Bentley and a house Dm C Am7 Bb That's why fake ass niggas get fake ass digits And fake ass playas get a real playa hatin' 'em Dm C Honey Love goes platinum and y'all ass come around Am7 Bb But y'all don't wanna raise the roof until my shit is going down Chorus Dm C How I used to hoop off in them tournaments (With you) Am7 Bb And how I used to club hop on weekends (With you) Dm C Your family called the morning of the tragic end Am7 Bb Damn, my condolensces verse 3} Dm C Voices in my head be telling me to come to church Am7 Bb Saying the Lord is the only way for you to stop the hurt Dm C Dreaming of windows black tinted like a hurst Am7 Bb When waking up to life sometimes seems worst Dm C And all I ever wanted is to be a better man Am7 Bb And I try to keep it real with my homies now Dm C For me to save the world I don't understand Am7 Bb How did I become the leader of a billion men? Dm C How I used to street perform on Friday (With you) Am7 Bb And how I used to go to church on Easter Sunday (With you) Dm C Standing here throwing them stones at me Am7 Bb Somebody pray for me

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