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Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by hugo%5Frodrigues

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Intro: F# slide to Am and slide back to F#, then F and a "taste" of Em. 

Verse: F#, I recommend palm-mute. 

Then Intro again and Verse. 

Chorus 1: Okay, this part is a little harder. It's B several times, then D#, then B and 
Am. The thing is Brian starts singing during the second B (after D#) and Am. Then slide 
back to B, then G and then F# (and play the intro again). 

Then it's Verse again. 

Chorus 2: Okay, play the same as first Chorus, but instead of after G go to F#, you go 
back to B, then Am, then B again, G and finally F# (Intro). 

Bridge: Play F# palm-muted. 

Then back to Chorus 1 and Intro! 

Here's the lyrics: 

I refuse to remain in regrets 
To pander like a slave to your wants 
No contrition from me will you get 
No submission to dilettantes (NO) 

I've existed too long in secrets 
I have lived like a man confined 
Epicene and elaborate 
Fatalistic and resigned (NO) 

Passion flower 
Catherine wheel 
Higher power 
Help me start to heal 

Now I vein in the scene of sunsets 
And the rain washes clean my mind 
Every one of my needs will be met 
Every planet will be aligned 

Passion flower 
Catherine wheel 
Higher power 
Help me start to heal 

Over power 
All my fear 
From now to hour 
Guide me through the realm 

I refuse to remain in regret 
I refuse to be left behind (NO) 

Catherine wheel 
Higher power 
Help me start to heal 

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