Per Gessle

Everyday Outside My Window

Per Gessle

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Everyday Outside My Window

(Per Gessle)

G                   Em 
Every day outside my window 
D      C            G 
Every day she walks by 
G                     Em 
I used to be a normal person 
D           C            G 
Before she came into my life 

C     D               G 
Every night I keep on dreamin' 
Am     Em             D 
Every night I take her home 
G                   Em 
We always go to bed together 
C        D            G 
I always wake up all alone 

G                   Em 
Every day I see her comin' 
D      C     G 
Always 22 to 8 
G                        Em 
I wish she stayed a little longer 
D      C             G 
But her bus is never late 

C     D                   G 
Every night we're dancin' slowly 
Am        Em          D 
I play the music she adores 
G                       Em 
Like Sinatra, then we're watchin' 
C        D            G          C    D 
Movies from before the war 

     Am                    Em 
It's strange (so strange), so strange 
C            Am 
  What she is doin' to me 
Am                    Em 
Strange (so strange), so strange 
C         Am         Em 
Did this ever happen to you 
   Em                       D 
The way it just happened to me? 

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