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Difficulty: nolevelnolevel

by happiness

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Kick it

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  		Peaches - Kick it 
E E E G G G E  
How do you do that cool dance, baby don?t split those hot pants 
E E E G G G A A A G G E                             E E E G G G E 
I got these moves that we can do to and sing, I don?t look too good in pink 
I used to slash myself up, I like to play it tough 
Cuts bruises blood oozes bones breaking rough, yu gotta handle that stuff 
I wanna be your cat, screw that 
I?m not sixteen but I got leather boots and suede, go fuck your pain away 
I heard you like kinky shit, that just depends who I?m with 
What is it s&m or some kind of toy, like you said search and destroy 
Some people don?t like my crotch because it?s got fuzzy spots 
But if you play moses you need burning bush baby and that is just what I?ve got 
And if you leave there with sin escape the city I?m in 
Come on a knocking where its rocking nonstop and make your way to Berlin 
G 8x A 8x E 16x 
Yeah yeah, tear it up rip it up kick it up 
Yeah yeah, kick it kick it kick it 


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