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Up in the sky Keyboard


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by lucasilva1

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Up in the sky

Year: 1994 - Album: Definitely Maybe




Verse 1 
NOTE: the above riffs are played by a 2nd guitar while the other guitar 
plays the below chords 

Hey you! Up in the sky, learning to fly, tell me how high 
       Fadd9          Cadd6		  G 
Do you think you'll go,   before you start fallin' 
Hey you! Up in the tree, you wanna be me, well that couldn't be 
	 Fadd9      Cadd6		     G 
'cos the people here,    they don't hear you callin' 

C A7/C# How does it feel G (w/ main riff) When you're inside me.
Verse 2 ------- same chords and riffs used as verse 1 Hey you! wearing the crown, making no sound, I heard you feel down Well that's too bad, welcome to my world Hey you! stealing the light, I heard that the shine's gone out of your life Well that's just too bad, welcome to my world C A7/C# So how does it feel G When you're inside me? Bridge ------ D Em D C5 You'll need assistance with the things that you have never ever seen D It's just a case of never breathing out Em D C5 Before you've breathed it in A7/C# C G So how does it feel when you're inside me REPEAT VERSE 1 Chorus BRIDGE

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