Mordechai Ben David

Co Omar Hashem

Mordechai Ben David

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Co Omar Hashem

Am    C  Dm         Am 
Koh omar koh omar Hashem 
Am            Dm        Am 
Zacharti loch hessed n'urayich 
Am  C     Dm    Am 
Ahavat kelulosoyich 
Am       G  (Em)  Am 
Ahavat kelulosoyich 

C        F       Am   C 
Lechtech acharai bamidbor 
C       F      Am  E 
B'eretz lo zeruoh 
C         F      Am   F 
Lechtech acharai bamidbor 
Am      G     Am 
B'eretz lo zeruoh 

Am         G 
Ay nay nay nay nay nay  
G          Am 
Ay nay nay nay nay nay 
Em  Am 
Nay nay 

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