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by joaoewerton

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Part Of The Process

Year: 1998 - Album: Big Calm



verse 1-

Angry faces, cursing loud, 
changing places, falling proud 
C               G 
behind the bomb, no one cares 
time is money, we're taught to tear 

D It's all part of the process, A C we are all looking down, G all we want is some success, but the chance is never around. (2x)
Link - Dm, Dm, Dm, Dm verse 2- Dm How can we show, how to feel? Dm Situation, aint so real. C G Chopping wood, won't stop the rage Dm We need targets on war we wage. Chorus SOLO: D A C G verse 3 Dm You smash they grab, til its gone Dm Attempt to grow and fix undone. C G And I am the way, it's all to scale Dm We're all companions on which we sail. Chorus And the chance.... OUTTRO: D A C G D

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