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Staplegun - Mailman Keyboard

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Difficulty: EasyEasy

by marcnagel

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Staplegun - Mailman

Intro: C Csus4 C Csus4 

verse 1 
C                    G      C           Csus4 
I was sitting on my porch, dreaming of yesterday 
C              G      C           Csus4 
Sitting on the porch, thinking of dreams lost 
C              G       C       Csus4 
Then I saw him coming, walking up the road 
C               G         C         Csus4 
I slowly leaned forward, and I said to him, I said 

F G C Am Hey there mailman, What you got for me? F G C Am Hey there mailman, maybe it's a bill? Dm G C Or maybe, a loveletter, from my girl.
verse 2 C G C Csus4 He turned to me, a bit surprised and gave me a wicked smile C G C Csus4 And from his bag, he then produced, a hand full of papers C G C Csus4 With a big evil grin, this is what he said to me, he said
F G C Am Hey there mister, this is what I got for you F G C Am Advertising, coupons, flyers wrapped in paper Dm G C And now I, will stuff it, in your box
verse 3 C G C Csus4 I was stunned, and quite surprised. I didn't know what to say C G C Csus4 My shoulders hung, my mouth went dry and my right eye started twitching C G C Csus4 I finally composed myself and gently, but firmly I said
F G C Am Hey there fucker, what the fuck? F G C Am Hey there dumbass, I don't want your shit Dm G C So maybe, I'll just shove it, up your ass
verse 4 C G C Csus4 A few steps forward, a clenched fist and burning eyes of hate C G C Csus4 Got the mailman running fast down the lane C G C Csus4 I went back to my porch, sat myself and yelled
F G C Am Hey there mailman, thanks for dropping by F G C Am Bye now mailman, maybe next time Dm G C You just bring me a fucking letter.

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