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Seán Cassidy - On The Run

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Seán Cassidy - On The Run


Verse 1:

C I don't believe that Am F Running laps of this estate is gonna help G Though the houses are nice C And its not too cold outside C Am I know its easier to say F When you're far away G And can't see my face C But you're a coward for that Am Don't want to listen till I'm home F Even though I could guess G Exactly what you said C It's been coming for a while
Em F If you can't settle down G C I'm gonna fuck you up Em F Tell me what you want, boy G C I'll give it all I got

Verse 2:

C Am Wasting time in hot water F Raining down on me G Thinking this showers nice C Hides tears from my eyes C Am Couldn't leave it till the summer? F When theres brighter days G And your birthdays then C Already got you something C Am Hurts to open up my phone F And see it waiting there G But then all it says: C Is "Have you seen this movie yet?"
Em F If you don't settle down G C You're gonna fuck this up Em F All you ever wanted G C And now you're running from it

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