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David House - The Great Escape Keyboard

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by abelamin

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David House - The Great Escape

  		Intro: G C D  G C D 

Verse 1:

G Packed her bags, hit the road C D She's headed out of town G And it's late, lights are out C D And there's not a soul around Em Well she knows in her heart D It's time to make a new start Em C D So she's finally seized the day C G This is the great escape

Verse 2:

G Now she thinks to herself C D Don't you look in that rear view mirror G Don't give up on your dreams C D And she's overcome with tears Em D Nobody knows what she's feeling inside Em C D Or the heartache she faced every day C G Before the great escape

Verse 3:

Em Now you can think what you want D She's not running away Em C D She's really just running somewhere Em To a place she called home D Such a long time ago Em C D And somebody who loves her there C D There's no time to waste C G This is the great escape

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