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Shir Mosh 2011

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Shir Mosh 2011

	  		D                      A 
A mosquito said to me, Baby I wish that I could be 
  Bm                             G 
A little kid so I could see, The world stretched out in front of me 

    D                                A 
Cuz flyin’ around from vein to vein, Bumping into window panes 
Bm                           G 
It’s enough to drive a bug insane… 

           D      A 
And I said oh, oh oh… 
Bm          G 
Listen up Mr. Mosquito 
D                      A                 Bm   G 
There’s not much that you need to know… 

And I said 
D                      A 
Run around, fall down, make a sound, be a clown 
Bm                            G 
Watch the sunset in the west, maybe try to get some rest, 
D                              A 
Peanut butter bumble bees, but not if you have allergies! 
Bm                                      G 
Climb trees, scrape your knees, there’s so much more but pretty please 

D                  A 
Remember above all else, to 
Bm              G 
Always, always, always, 
       D   A       Bm  G       D   A 
Be yourself Be yourself Be yourself 
         Bm                  G 
Don’t be selfish just be yourself! 

D                           A 
Slowly I think I am seein’, What is up with human beings 
Bm                                 G 
And I must say it seems appealing, But I can’t fight this nervous feeling 

    D                                   A 
The thought of freedom makes me queasy, Being yourself just ain’t that easy 
    Bm                                     G 
I’m insecure, and you just can’t relate, I’m sure… 

           D      A 
And I said oh, oh, oh… 
Bm                 G 
That is something that we all know 
D                 A 
Something that we all go through 
    Bm                   G 
But there’s a place that we can go to 

And I know you can get scared 
But you have friends around, 
People who do care. 
So just smile, each and every day 
And be proud of the way you’re going 
Because so much is going your way 

D                                 A 
The mosquito looked perplexed, as if unsure of what came next 
     Bm                           G 
Then opened his mosquito mouth and said.. Well let’s 
D                        A 
Jump, shout, dance sing, give the meal bell a ring 
Bm                 G 
Be excited to try, anything, do everything 
D                      A 
Rikkud with ice cream, monkey tree day dreams 
    Bm                       G 
The chof with a cool breeze, saying thanks and please 

D                A 
L’hiyot ba’tnua, Kupa kvutza 
Bm                                 G 
All the things we do here that are easy to get used to 

D                      A 
Toranut water fights, staying up late at night 
Bm                                 G 
Talking to your best friends, the letters that we never send 

D                              A 
All the grass I’ve pulled out, sitting through peulot 
Bm                      G 
Talking in a circle is, what we’re all about 

D                        A 
Sunny days, rainy days, sunscreen for the UV rays 
Bm                    G 
Funny how this place, never fails to amaze 

D                                   A 
And even when it gets tough, ‘cause there will be some tough stuff 
      Bm                           G 
We’ll get through it all together because we know to remember 

   D                       A 
To take it all day by day, it’ll happen anyway and 
Bm                        G 
Anyway it happens we know it’ll all work out OK! 

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