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Merlin - The Witchs Aria

Misc Soundtrack

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Merlin - The Witchs Aria

Intro: A

A          F 
Blah khien barrah fweelah, 

A            Dm        A 
  Blah khien  aiza krum, 

Dm   A      F             Dm   Bb  C# 
  Aloe khio  bragam harah   eefnell, 

C          A               C#   A        C# 
 Broe floe  mesing lah, breeyoolah naaadryu. 

F#                D 
 Sorin sar akhwah, roe hagroe nonestroe, 

  F#                D#  
Broilin sar akhwah, mortsin danah bradeh, 

 F#                 D#      E   D#   E   A 
Broilin sar akhwah, noe-… 

 E     G#m   E  Em          E          D#m    D#    
Weeben proe, proe   sah yakmah, haryay    nakhah: 

   Cm                          E 
"Agah   Madah    Sadah   Hagah!" 

A - Bb - D#m - A - C# - F# - D - C# - C#m - Dm - C#m - D - E - F - G#m - Dm - Bb - E - Dm 
C# -  D - Bb - C# - D - Dm - Gm - Dm - Am - Gm - Bb - C ||
Thanks for playing and paying attention if you like please give me a star :) 

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