Misc Christmas

Mister Santa

Misc Christmas

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Mister Santa

	  		         F6     E7               Aaug                        Daug 
 Mister Santa, bring me some toys, bring merry Christmas to all girls and boys 
G7                     C7 
 And every night, I'll go to sleep singing 
F6/9                           Db9       C9 
 And dream about the presents you'll be bringing 

  F6     E7               Aaug                    Daug 
 Santa, promise me please, give every reindeer a hug and a squeeze 
  Gm                      Gm7/5-        F     G9  -   C7 - F 
 I'll be good, as good can be, Mister Santa don't forget me 

         F6     E7                  Aaug                    Daug 
 Mister Santa, dear old Saint Nick, be awful careful, and please don't get sick 
G7                       C7 
 Put on your coat when breezes are blowin' 
F6/9                            Db9               C9 
 And when you cross the street look where you're goin' 
  F6     E7               Aaug                           Daug 
 Santa, we've been so good, we've washed the dishes and done what we should 
G7                   C7 
 Made up the beds, scrubbed up our toesies 
F6/9                              Db9       C9 
 We've used a Kleenex when we've blown our noseies 

     F6     E7              Aaug                                Daug 
 Oh Santa, look at our ears, they're clean as whistles, we're sharper then shears 
 Gm                      Gm7/5-           F    G9  -  C7 - F 
 Now we've put you on the spot, Mister Santa bring us a lot  

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