Mickey Gilley

Before It Begins

Mickey Gilley

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Before It Begins

You walked right in big as sin  

               G7              C 
With that same ole come get me smile 

              D7      G      C 
I can see you havenít really changed 
        A7                         D7 
And you still gotta a whole lot of style 

Itís not much not all over  

          G7                  C 
And there wonít be nothing to end 

             D7   G      C 
Not unless I take no chances 
          G       C 
To stop before it begins 

We traveled all the highways 

          G7              C 
And if it didnít work out then 

          D7      G     C 
Oh why do we keep going down 

     A7            D7 
That same olí road again 

We know how much I want you 

       G7                C 
Itís a shame we canít be friends 

                 D7       G     C 
But thereís just too much temptation 

             G       C 
Letís stop before it begins 

Donít touch me like you used to 

C              G 
Before we said goodbye 

We had all love had to offer 

Is it enough to try 

I can say honey itís good to see you 

      G7               C 
But I guess that all depends 

               D7       G     C 
On how much it hurts to leave you 

             G       C      G 
Letís stop before it begins 

   C           D7       G     C 
Oh Lord how it hurts to leave you 

                G       C     G 
So letís stop before it begins 

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