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(Pat Boone and Ernest Gold)

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      Am      D		    F         G       Am 
This land is mine, God gave this land to me 
      Em         C       D     E 
This brave and ancient land to me. 
    Em         A			Am      Em 
And when the morning sun reveals her hills and plains 
G   Dm Em  			G	   Am	 E 
Then I see a land where children can run free 
    A 	  D		   F         G       Am 
So take my hand, and walk this land with me 
    Em         C      D         E 
And walk this golden land with me 
       Em   A				Am	  Em 
Though I am just a man, when you are by my side 
          G   Dm  Em     F      G      Am 
With the help of God, I know I can be strong 
E      Em7 
To make this land our home 
             A                 Am		 
If I must fight, I'll fight to make this land our own 
              E                  Em7 
I'll fight to make this land our own 
        A         Am6       E 
Until I die, this land is mine 

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