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Talk Of The Town Keyboard

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Talk Of The Town

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(E) Now people seem to watch my footsteps as I go (B) by 
(B) They shake their heads and say I'm riding (E) high 
(E) But this thing has done drove me wild and now it's got me (A) down 
(A) And (B) made me the talk of the (E) town 
I'll go down to the river and slowly walk around And if my thoughts don't change a lot I'll jump right in and drown For after what you've done to me I know I've grown to be The laughing stock the talk of the town
I used to think this couldn't happen to a guy like me As nightfall finds me headed to your door Now you don't seem to want me since a new love you have found And now I am the talk of the town ______________________________ Tabber: Verne Garrison vernegarrison @

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