Lou Reed

Men Of Good Fortune

Lou Reed

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Men Of Good Fortune

Bb		F 
Men of good fortune 

Gm	Dm	Eb	F 
Often cause empires to fall 

Bb		F 
While men of poor beginnings 

Gm	Dm	Eb	F 
Often can't do anything at all 

Gm			F Eb 
The rich son waits for his father to die 

Eb		F 
The poor just drink and cry 

Gm	F	Eb 
And me, I just don't care at all 

Verse and Chorus 2 = same 

Bb	Dm	F	Gm x2 

Verse and Chorus 3 and 4 as above 


Bb	Dm	F	Gm 
Men of good fortune 
Men of poor beginnings 

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