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Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by abelamin

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All my life, 
            G         A 
I've been fighting a war 
          Bm     G            A 
I can't talk to you or your friends 
It's not only you, 
     G            A             Bm 
My heart jumps around when I'm eluded to 
              G     A 
This will not do  
             Bm          G      A  
Cause I was raised up to be admired, 
to be noticed 
      G               A 
But when you're withdrawn, 
it's the closest thing 
       G           A          Bm 
To a someone who lies around you 
              G    A 
This will not do 

Bm  Bm   G  A (4x)

I'm thinking glory, 
         G             A 
Lick my lips toss my hair 
And send a smile over 
         G           A 
And the story brand new 
I can take it from here, 
      G        A       Bm    G   A 
I'll find my own bravado 

D It's a switch flipped It's a pill tipped back Em It's a moon eclipsed, oh Bm A And I can tell that, when the lights come on I'll be ready for this D It's in your bloodstream
Em A collision of atoms that happens before your eyes Bm A It's a marathon run or a (inaudible) without making a sound D I was frightened of every little thing Em Bm that I thought was out to get me down A To trip me up, and laugh at me, D But I learned not to hold the quiet of the room Em Bm And the one around to find me out I want the applause, the approval, the things that make me go, oh

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