Jim Ed Brown

Then I'll Stop Loving You

Jim Ed Brown

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Then I'll Stop Loving You

If there's water in the desert sand out in the sea 

If you were not an angel sweet as you could be 

You could turn the night to day make all my dreams come true 

        C            G           D7               G 
Say how far it is to heaven then I'll stop loving you 

If the earth is up above us stars are down below 

If there are daisies in the desert roses in the snow 

If today can be tomorrow if old things can be new 

       C                  G              D7               G 
If you can live without a heartbeat then I'll stop loving you 

           D7                       G 
There's no daisies in the desert no roses in the snow 

    D7                        G 
The earth is not above us the stars are not below 

Today can't be tomorrow old things can't be new 

        C              G               D7                G 
I can't live without a heartbeat and I can't stop loving you 

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