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Frank D Fixer Keyboard

Jason Mraz

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Frank D Fixer

G6=3,2,0,0,0,0 Em=0,2,4,0,0,0 C=0,3,2,0,1,3 C#m7/5-=X,4,5,4,5,X Cmaj7=3,3,5,4,5,3 Dadd11=X,5,4,0,3,5 Em9/G=3,2,4,0,0,0
obs: preste atenção nos desenhos dos acordes mostrados aqui no cifras.com.br/e-chords.com nenhum outro site mostra os desenhos exatamente como o Jason Mraz toca. pay attention to his specific way to play it with his right hand. intro G6 G6 Em* Frank D. Fixer was a handyman C G6 He could handle everything; he was my granddad G6 Em* He grew his own food and fixed his own car C G6 I watched it all happen in our backyard C#m7/5- Cmaj7 G6 He'd reinvent the part to fix the broken home C#m7/5- Cmaj7 He restored the heart
C Dadd11 G I wish I was a fixer C Dadd11 Em9/F# I would fix you up inside C Dadd11 Em9/F# A7 I would build you a town if the world fell down C Dadd11 G I wish I was that guy
G6 G6 Em* If Frank D. Fixer were alive today C G6 Well he may laugh at me and he may have a lot to say G6 Em* Well he might ask that I keep working for the family C G6 To keep the bills all paid and be his protégé cifras.com.br C#m7/5- Cmaj7 G6 What happened to the ground right where we are? C#m7/5- Cmaj7 What happened to the family farm?
Em9 B5 Em9/F# C - 2 times Em9 B5 Em9/F# C Every evening breaking bread Em9 B5 Em9/F# C He showed us who a real man is C#m7/5- Cmaj7 No matter what my grandma says C#m7/5- Cmaj7 He would never lose his head
C Dadd11 G I wish I was a farmer C Dadd11 Em9/F# I would grow you a Garden of Eden C Dadd11 Em9/F# A7 I would bless the family with the gifts that granddad handed me C Dadd11 Em9/F# How wonderful that would be C Dadd11 G Baby I'll make that guy be me

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