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Disaster Hearts Keyboard

I Fight Dragons

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by paulantunes

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Disaster Hearts


Am        F        C           G 
Comeback, rebound; simpler said than found 
Am        F        C       G 
Night by night and tear by tear 
Am       F        C      G 
Somehow, someway, we all get to someday 
Am        F      C       G       F (Hold) 
Mile by mile and fear by fear 

Am F C G Disaster has a way of remaking our hearts Am F C G Long after all the thunder and scars Am F C G F Days pass and bit by bit we begin to restart Am F C G (2x) Our Disaster Hearts
Stronger, wiser; you'll be fine they tell you Life will heal and love will bind Weaker, slower; keep in mind it's over Take a breath and take your time Chorus F And we will be the last ones F To finally see when we're done Chorus

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