He Leadeth Me O Blessed Thought


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He Leadeth Me O Blessed Thought

	  		   C             F  
He leadeth me! O bless-ed tho't, 
     C                   G 
O words with heav’n-ly com-fort fraught; 
      C              F        
What-e’er I do, wher-e’er I be, 
       C         A         G    C 
Still ’tis God’s hand that lead-eth me. 

                 G       F       C  
     He lead-eth me! He lead-eth me! 
                A       G 
     By His own hand He lead-eth me; 
         C          G        F       C 
     His faith-ful fol-l'wer I would be, 
                A        G       C 
     For by His hand He lead-eth me. 

     C                    F  
Some-times ’mid scenes of deep-est gloom, 
     C                   G 
Some-times where E-den’s bow-ers bloom, 
   C                   F   
By wa-ters still, o’er trou-bled sea, 
       C       A         G    C 
Still ’tis His hand that lead-eth me. 

      C                 F  
Lord, I would clasp Thy hand in mine, 
    C             G 
Nor ev-er mur-mur nor re-pine; 
    C                F   
Con-tent, what-eve-r lot I see, 
       C       A    G    C 
Since 'tis Thy hand lead-est me. 

     C               F  
And when my task on earth is done, 
      C                  G 
When, by Thy grace, the vic-t’ry’s won, 
      C                   F   
E’en death’s cold wave I will not flee, 
       C        A       G    C 
Since God thro' Jor-dan lead-eth me! 

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