Claire Really Does Care


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Claire Really Does Care


verse 1 
Bsus2               A 
Claire, really does care 
             E                  B 
About me and you, she'll get us through 
     Bsus2              A 
They want, to mess with her 
               E                      B 
That she is an angel, doesn't seem to occur 

verse 2 
       Bsus2     A 
Giving love, to everyone 
             E                B 
The sweetest girl, under the sun 
           Bsus2                  A 
So now she knows, things we can't see 
         E                     B 
She just needs you, to set her free 

verse 3 
        Bsus2            A 
Hearing thoughts, seeing things 
         E                      B 
She is a healer, in the end she wins 
         Bsus2             A 
Now stop messing, with her mind 
                E             B 
And act like an adult, beiing kind 

verse 4 
        Bsus2   A 
I'll say hi, to everyone 
             E                      B 
She is world famous, see what she's become 
           Bsus2           A 
One of the leaders, of the pack 
              E                         B 
Now she wants peace of mind, her sanity back 

Chorus (2x) Bsus2 A So please be kind, to this young girl E B She is now golden, a secret pearl

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