Hawk Nelson

Alive Keyboard

Hawk Nelson

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by hugo%5Frodrigues

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Intro:  Em  D  C 

To everyone in the world who's left out on their own 
To all the boys and girls with disconnected souls 
C               D         Am             Bm 
See the dream awakening before your very eyes 

We feel alive inside for the first time 
             D            C 
We've got to run not hide from the former lives 
We gotta take it, make it, never gonna fake it 
D                            C 
This time we're breaking free and making history 

They say the dreams that we're chasing are just a dead-end road 
We don't have to embrace the lies that we've been told 
C                    D            Am                 Bm 
The only thing we're missing is a whole new state of mind 

C               Em              G             Am 
One day we will see through our tears and our pain 
        C              Em           D 
When we stand with the shame in the light 
          C            E 
There's a hope that we know 
       G            D 
And we can't let it go 
             C    Em   D 
We've got to hold on tonight 

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