Gov't Mule


Gov't Mule

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(Warren Haynes)

	  		A# F D# A#   
When you can't find the light, that got you through the cloudy days,    
A# F D# A#   
When the stars ain't shinin' bright, you feel like you've lost you're way,    
A# F D# A#   
When those candle lights of home, burn so very far away,    
A# F Gm G#   
Well you got to let your soul shine, just like my daddy used to say.    

A# F   
He used to say soulshine, it's better than sunshine,    
D# A#   
It's better than moonshine, damn sure better than rain.    
A# F   
Hey now people don't mind, we all get this way sometime,    
Gm G# A#   
Got to let your soul shine, shine till the break of day.
I grew up thinkin' that I had it made, gonna make it on my own. Life can take the strongest man, make him feel so alone. Now and then I feel a cold wind, blowin' through my achin' bones, I think back to what my daddy said, he said "Boy, in the darkness before the dawn:" {Chorus} Gm D# Sometimes a man can feel this emptiness, D# A# Like a woman has robbed him of his very soul. Dm D# A woman too, God knows, she can feel like this. G# F And when your world seems cold, you got to let your spirit take control. {Chorus) ********************************For acoustic version capo to 3rd fret*******************************************

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