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Good Charlotte

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Afinação em C 
A                      D/A 
 I been workin so hard 
A              E    A    D/A   
   I'm punchin   my Card 
A                     D/A 
 eight hours for what  
 oh tell me what i got 
 ive got this feeling  
 that times just holding me down 
 i'll hit the ceiling  
D#dim                   B7      E 
   or else ill tear up this town  
F#m7     Gdim     
E/G# A To night i gotta cut loose D/A A footloose D A kick off my sunday shoes D/A A please lou ise D A pull me off of my knees D/A A jack get back D A come on before we crack D/A A lose your blues G D A everybody cut foot loose
2ND VERSE A D/A Your Playing so cool A E A D/A obeyin every rule A D/A dig way down in your heart A your burnin, yearnin, for some BRIDGE D somebody to tell you A that life aint passin you buy D im tryin to tell you D#dim B7 E it will if you don't even try
E/G# A you can fly if youd only cut loose D/A A foot loose D A kick off my sunday shoes, D/A A ooh-ee Mar ie D A shake it, shake it for me, D/A A whoa Mi lo D A Come on come on lets go D/A A lose your blues G D A everybody cut footloose
____________________________________________ Alexandre Oliveira([email protected])

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