Glen Campbell

Too Late To Worry, Too Blue To Cry

Glen Campbell

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Too Late To Worry, Too Blue To Cry

Year: 1962 -

Written by Al Dexter

	  		Intro:  Bb A#7 D# Bb F  

( It's too late to worry I'm too blue to cry) Back up singers  

Verse 1:

Bb A#7 D# Bb I broke your heart dear, I was untrue, and now I've lost you F F7 Bb A#7 D# C7 what can I do? I hope you're happy baby, for I'll get by,
Bb F Bb F# Too late to worry, too blue to cry. (too late) (To Blue To Cry)

Verse 2:

F# B B7 E B Our love has ended, You say we're through, you found a new love B7 C# F# F#7 B B7 thats so good to you. I'll always love you, ( I'll always love you) E G7 as days go by. (as days go by)
Outro B F# B E E7 B It's too late to worry, I'm too blue to cry OHHH yeah.

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