Glen Campbell

I Surrender All

Glen Campbell

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I Surrender All

	  		I Surrender All 
Glen Campbell 
1992 album Glen Campbell Favorite Hymns 
2012 album The Inspirational Collection 

Intro   D  G  A  A7  D 

verse 1 

D            A 
All to Jesus I surrender 
Bm     G     A        D 
All to Him I freely   give 
                A        F#m 
And I will ever love and trust Him 
Bm     G        A     D 
In His presence daily live 

Bm G A D And I surrender all, I surrender all D7 A G All to Thee my Precious Savior D F#m D I surrender all
Interlude G A F#m A D verse 2 A All to Jesus I surrender Bm G A D Make me Savior holy thine A F# Please let me feel thy Holy Spirit Bm G A D Bb Truely knowing thou art mine verse 3 D# Bb Bm And only Jesus is the answer Cm G# Bb D# Lord I give myself to thee Cm Bb G And no one else could err to promise Cm G# Bb D# life eternal life so free
G# Yes I surrender all Bb Bb7 D# Bb I surrender all D# D#7 G# All to thee my blessed Savior D# Bb Cm B I... surrender all D# Bb D# Fm D# Yes I surrender all
flyinglibra51 God Bless Glen Travis Campbell

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