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Difficulty: EasyEasy

by adalgomes

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One two three it was 
A                                         F#m  
Three o'clock (three o'clock), in the morning, double vision with my homies, 
A                                      F#m  
Four o'clock (four o'clock), feeling funny, got no car and we got no money. 

D             Dmaj7 
Aaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaah 

A                                          F#m 
Five o'clock (five o'clock), body, sunset, reggae, forty, so we can't see 
A                                           F#m 
Six o'clock (six o'clock), came to dentist, asked if he's got anything. 

D             Dmaj7 
Aaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaah 

Solo  Verse and Chorus 

A                                                                 F#m 
Eight o'clock (eight o'clock), feeling shitty, coming down the GPSP 
A                                                                      F#m 
Nine o'clock (nine o'clock), drunk and driving, on my way to Conquer city. 

D             Dmaj7 
Aaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaah 

A                                           F#m 
Ten o'clock (ten o'clock), I ain't driving, taking vomit in the back seat, 
A                                            F#m 
Twelve o'clock (twelve o'clock), caring less if all my way is all way down.  

D             Dmaj7 
Aaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaah 

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