Elton John

The One Keyboard

Elton John

Difficulty: AdvancedAdvanced

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The One

Year: 1996 - Album: Elton John - Greatest Hits 1970-2002

(Elton John / Bernie Taupin)

Key:  D/C More
The One Key A/GA/G
The One Key A#/G#A#/G#
The One Key B/AB/A
The One Key C/A#C/A#(one step down)
The One Key C#/BC#/B(half step down)
The One Key D/CD/C(original key)
The One Key D#/C#D#/C#(half step up)
The One Key E/DE/D(one step up)
The One Key F/D#F/D#
The One Key F#/EF#/E
The One Key G/FG/F
The One Key G#/F#G#/F#
  		Intr D/C  C  D/C  C  (D/C  C  D/C  C)* 

D/C	           	  C 
I saw you dancing out the ocean 

D/C		       G/B 
Running fast along the sand 

Gm/B			   Eb 
A spirit born of earth and water 

Eb		      F    Eb/F 
Fire flying from your hands 

Bb			Eb/Bb 
In the instant that you love someone 

F/A			Bb 
In the second that the hammer hits 

Fm/Ab	     G/B          F/A G/B 
Reality runs up your spine 

Cm			F  Eb/F 
And the pieces finally fit 

Bb D/F# And all I ever needed was the one Gm Bb/F Like freedom fields where wild horses run F# Bb/F When stars collide like you and I Ab/Bb Bb Ab/Bb Bb Eb Bb/D No sha- dows block the sun Cm You're all I've ever needed F Bb Baby you're the one
D/C C There are caravans we follow D/C G/B Drunken nights in dark hotels Gm/Bb Eb When chances breathe between the silence Eb F Eb/F Where sex and love no longer gel Bb Eb/Bb For each man in his time is Cain F/A Bb Until he walks along the beach Fm/Ab G F/A G/B And sees his future in the water Cm F Eb/F A long lost heart within his reach (Refrão)

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