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Dolly Parton

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by IronPower4Ever

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Rosewood Casket


G                   D7              G 
There's a little rosewood casket 

G                   D7         G 
Resting on a marble stand 

G                     C            G 
With a packet of old love letters 

D7                                 G 
Written by my true love's hand 

G                         D7       G 
Go and bring them to me, sister 

G                    D7           G 
Read them o'er for me tonight 

G                  C              G  
I have often tried by could not 

D7                                G 
For the tears that filled my eyes 

D7                               G 
When I'm dead and in my casket 

D7                      G 
When I gently fall asleep 

G                  C             G 
Fall asleep to wake in heaven 

D7                        G 
Dearest sister do not weep 

D7            G        D7       G 
Take his letters and his locket 

G                  D7               G 
Place them gently on my heart 

G                     C                   G  
But this golden ring that he gave me 

D7                          G 
From my finger never part 


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