Dead Man's Bones

Werewolf Heart

Dead Man's Bones

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Werewolf Heart

	  		Intro: Dm Gm Dm Gm F Am (2X) 

Dm                   Gm 
You'd look nice in a grave. 
Dm                                   Gm 
I smile at the moon; death is on my face 
And if you wait too long, 
Then you'll never see the dawn again 

(Dm | A# | Gm | A) 

Dm                   A# 
"My skull is full ... of sunken ships, 
Gm                       A 
My heart's a prisoner ... to my ribs, 
Dm                    A# 
We're flesh & bone ... when we're all alone, 
Gm                        A 
But together, forever, ... we'll live" 

(Dm Gm | Dm Gm) 

Dm                  Gm 
There's gold in my heart, 
Dm                                       Gm 
But the winds took my sails through the dark, 
And if you wait too long, 
then you'll never see the dawn again. 

Dm                      A# 
"He filled my heart, ... I did my best. 
Gm                      A 
But without the sun, ... I'm only shadows in a dress. 
Dm                               A# 
`Cause if the full moon comes, ... our love is done, 
Gm                           A 
So forever, towards dark, ... we rise" 

(Dm | A# | Gm | A)   (4X) 

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