David Bowie

No Plan

David Bowie

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No Plan

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Here, there's no music here 
      Bb           Dmaj7 
I'm lost in streams of sound 
Here, am I nowhere now? 
No plan 
Wherever I may go 
            Bb               Dmaj7 
Just where, just there I am 

Gm All of the things that are my life My desire, my beliefs, my moods A Here is my place without a plan
Dmaj7 Here, second avenue Bb Dmaj7 Just out of view Dmaj7 Bb Here, is no traffic here? Dmaj7 No plan
Gm All the things that are my life My moods, my beliefs My desires, me alone Nothing to regret A This is no place, but here I am
Dmaj7 Bb Dmaj7 This is not quite yet

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