Dave Van Ronk

Lady Gay

Dave Van Ronk

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Lady Gay

Key:  F#m More
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Lady Gay Key CmCm
Intro: F#m
F#m                     A    F#m 
There was a lady and a lady gay,  
Of children she had three,  
                F#m                   A 
She sent them away to the North Country  
     F#m        E     F#m 
To learn their grammar-ee 

F#m                      A   F#m 
They had not been there very long, 
Scarcely six months and a day, 
     F#m                                 A 
When death, cold death, come-a hasting along 
        F#m         E     F#m 
And he stole those babes away. 

F#m                             A  F#m 
She prayed to the lord that was in Heaven 
"Who airs a golden crown?  
          F#m                        A 
prayer send to me, my three little babes 
                  B    F#m  
tonight or the morning soon." 

It was just about old christmas time  
Then I speak cold and clear 
                   F#m                   A 
She looked and she saw, her three little babes 
      F#m       E   F#m 
come running home to her 

F#m                   A       F#m 
She sat a table both long and wide. 
on it put bread and wine. 
                 F#m                    A 
"Come eat, come drink, my three little babes. 
                 B      F#m 
Come eat, come drink of mine." 

F#m                           A  F#m 
"We want none of your bread, mother, 
Neither do we want your wine, 
            F#m              A 
For yonder stands our savior deer, 
        F#m     E     F#m 
To his will we must resign." 

"Green grass grows over our heads, mother, 
Cold clay is under our feet, 
          F#m               A 
And every tear you shed for us, 
              B      F#m 
It wets our winding-sheet."  

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