Cheryl Wheeler


Cheryl Wheeler

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Intro: C/E  F  C  G  C/E  F  

C          G/E        F             C  G 
I'm almost everything you have ever wanted 
C/E        G/E               F        Dm  C/E 
I'm almost your best dream come true 
F         G 
We fit so perfectly 
    F        G 
Oh, I almost can't believe 
    Am         Em7         F      G 
How I'm almost all I need to be 

        C             C/E            F                 C/G G 
There's something now in your smile, just this side of dis-tant 
    C/E             G/E              F       Dm  C/E  F 
And something else, just that side of true 
               G                 F 
This road's so old and worn from 
The countless nights I've sworn 
    Am         Em7            F      G 
Oh, I could be all you'd need me to 
  C      C/E   F   G   C/E   F   G 

        C             G/E   F                C  G 
I don't know where to go to find our missing pieces 
  C/E               G/E            F        Dm  C/E  F 
I sit and stare and wonder where to start 
           G                F 
But then I look at you and  
I know it can't be true 
     Am               Em7         F      G Am 
That something's here pulling us apart 

            G      F         Am   G    C/G  
Some days I wonder how we'll walk this line 
            G/E     F         Am    G  F 
Some days I think I feel your heart in mine 
                     G        F 
Well, underneath the surface 
                G               F 
Love isn't ever perfect, heaven knows 
Em7                  F       G  C   F   G 
We'll just close that door 

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