Charlie Puth

Go Round

Charlie Puth

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Go Round

Key:  Bbm More
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Go Round Key EmEm
Bbm Db   Db F#

I gotta have you now, 

it's not an option. 
 Db F#   
  You're taking off your  

blouse and I'm watching. 
  In front of your mirror,  

I turn the curtain down. 
  I couldn't be any clearer  
what we're gonna do now. 

                    Bbm Ebm    
  I wanna see you riding  

and grinding and 
F#                Eb Ebm    
  We're gonna get it right  
                Ebm Ebm F# Bbm 
we're colliding we're 
Gonna have to keep quiet  
               Ab F# 
trying to keep it down. 

You're taking off my shirt  
for another go round.  
 Bbm    Ab F#                             
             For another go round. 
 Eb Eb F# Bbm    
             For another go round. 

 Ebm F#  Bbm     

 F# Ebm            Db Ebm    
 I gotta have you now, just can't take it. 

I wanna put you down  

when we're faded. 
  At the top of your lungs,  

you'll be screaming my name. 
  And we've gone too far to  

call it all the way. 
 Bbm                   Bbm Eb  
  I'll pick you up and lay you on the kitchen counter. 
Say you couldn't do without it,  
I'm okay if you're about it. 
     Down on every direction,  
 Bbm Ab  
     got me hypnotized. 
 F#                   F# Ab  
  I'm hallucinating, going out of my mind. 
      For another go round 
 F#                        Eb       
      For another go round 

 F#  F# Ab Bbm Bbm Ab  

  It's like every other evening  
let me see what you can do. 
Yeah, oh oh oh I got all this paper,  
let me throw it all on you. 

For another go round. 
 Eb Ab  Ebm  Bbm Db  Bbm                       
                       For another go round. 
 Bbm Ebm  Db Ebm  Bbm      Ab       Bbm

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