Caetano Veloso

Nature Boy

Caetano Veloso

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Nature Boy

Year: 1999 - Album: A Foreign Sound

Written by Eden Ahbez

	  		(intro) Em7   A7  A7 

      Dm7       Em7 
There was a boy 
  A7              Dm7        Em7 
A very strange enchanted boy 
      A7              Dm   Dm7M  Dm7  Dm6 
They said he wandered very far, very far 
 Em7  Dm7      Em7  A7 
Over lands and seas 

   Em7       A7    Dm         Dm7 
A litte shy    and sad of eyes 
     E7           A7 
But very wise was he 

     Dm7         Em7 
And then one day 
   A7           Dm7         Em7 
A magic day he passed my way 
    A7               Dm     Dm7M 
And while we spoke of many things 
Dm7        Dm6 
Fools and kings 
  Gm7    Dm7    Em7  A7 
This he said to me 
       Em7           A7        Dm        Dm7 
"The greatest things    you'll ever learn 
   E7               A7           Dm7 
Is just to love and be loved in return " 

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