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Another Day Keyboard

Built To Spill

Difficulty: AdvancedAdvanced

by aleffederico

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Another Day


A E D 

A   E            D   
I can't explain anything to anyone 
A                   E             D   xxxx 
Don't believe that nothing isn't true 
E         A                D                     
And you know you're not the one who gets to decide 
E                         A         D 
What is right and what is right for you 

A      E        D 
And I wake up everyday just the same 
A          E                D     xxxx 
Somewhere between stars and sand 
E           A          D 
And I was made from material that could never last 
E        A                              D 
An obsolescence that no one would have planned 

A       E            D 
And I know there's something deep inside 
A                E                D    xxxx 
No one's gotta see it to make it real 
E       A            D 
And I don't expect anyone to read my mind 
E             A        D 
But when you don't I'm disappointed every time 
E       A             D 
And if somehow you make it through you're gonna find 
E                   A          D 
I just want you to know how I feel 

Solo Part 1: 

A        E         D 
And our choices fade into the emptiness 
A            E                    D 
Right before we start to fade ourselves 
E                A             D 
And now it seems like the only thing on my mind 
E            A               D 
Is getting all these things off my chest before I die 
E           A                 D 
And going back to where the earth is soft to try to find 
E                  A            D  
Somewhere we can bury all our mistakes 


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