Greenfields Keyboard


Difficulty: EasyEasy

by jov%2Dcorrea

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C                        Am           G 
Peterborough County is a village in a valley  

C                      G          C 
May have a farm at the top of the hill 

        F               C                Am              G 
You can have your city streets, your backyards and your alleys 

C                                   G      C  
Me I have these green fields, and I always will 

      G            C                 F           C 
Im married out of high school, to a girl I knew forever 

   G            C           F      G       Am 
We settled in together, and three children came 

    G                   C          F                 C 
The life that we'd been living was forgive and be forgiven 

        G          C                   F     G  Am 
But whenever I saw sunshine, she could only see grey 

        F               C               Am           G 
Left me standing in the cornfields, the dry land all around me  

      F           C                 G 
And I felt myself sinking, like the setting sun 

    F               C      F       G     Am  
The sky was like an ocean, pouring down around me  

  F             C               G     C 
I used to be so proud, now its all undone  

     G               C          F                 C  
So I kept on working my land, I held on with both hands 

      G                   C        F       G  Am 
And I watched the seasons turning, in the sky above 

  G                C          F               C 
I worked beside my father, we bent our backs together 

      G              C         F    G     Am 
And I wonder could I ever find someone to love 

     G              C             F                   C   
When I was good and ready, when I stood up strong and steady 

G                C       F      G       Am 
Love came with a letters in the morning mail  

       G              C                 F           C 
And I knew that I had found her, when I put my arms around her 

       G              C        F        G   Am 
When I see her in the morning, how that sun rises  


          F               C               Am            G 
Leaves me standing in the cornfields, the dry land all around me 

      F                            G 
And I feel myself rising, like the morning sun  

        C                     F     G    Am 
And the sky is like an ocean, white blue rolling 

      C                                    G     C  
And I know that in my own heart, shes the only one 

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