Iron And Wine


Iron And Wine

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	  		Intro  A  E  D   A  E  x2 

A    E               D            A     E 
Hard light, take the wings of the win---ter 
A    E               D                 A     E 
Song bird, they were strong hands that held  her 
D     A     D   E       D  A    D   E   A 
Miles above the ground, we cant see you now 

A  E  D   A  E   

Banjo Solo 
D   A    D   A   D   A 

A    E             D              A     E 
Mor--ning took the reins from the rid---er 
A      E            D   A      E 
Strong hands on the lap behind her 
D    A        D      E     D  A     D   E   A 
They tear her night--gown, we canā??t see you now 

A  E  D   A  E   

D    A      D    E     D  A     D   E   A  

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