Ghost Mice


Ghost Mice

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G - Am - C - Am  
G - Am - C - Am  
G - Am - C - Am  
G - Am - C - Am  

G                  Am 
Paris isn't that romantic 
C                     Am 
If you don't have any money 
G                     Am 
Those cafés aren't so cute to walk by 
C           Am 
When you're hungry 

G                     Am 
Our campground on the outskirts of town 
    C                      Am 
Was all we could afford to do 
   G                            Am 
We were so sick of bein' in the big cities 
    C                  Am 
And this one seemed so rude, rude, rude 

G                      Am 
We mailed home all our huge rolls of film 
            G                       Am 
And all the change that we couldn't use 
   G                              Am   
We bumped into some girls that we knew from Texas 
        G                    Am 
Saw the Mona Lisa, her smile seemed so cruel 

And we used our last ticket to take the train 
To a boat on the coast that would take us away 
To a place that we hoped 
Would be the end of our sorrows 

When we got there we were way too late 
There was no way we could leave that day 
We would have to find a place to stay 
And try again tomorrow 

We found a secret place to crash 
In a bush by the docks 

That was filled with trash 
   G                                 F 
We cleared a spot and we called it a day 

And I wished that I brought my guitar 
As I looked through the bush 

Up at the stars 
G                                  F 
Fell asleep and got woke up by the rain 

   C                           G 
We waited on the porch for the doors to open 
And we asked the guy if there was any reason hopin' 
   C                 G 
He said, "Don't give up, 
Cross your fingers, wish for luck" 

     C                            G 
So I cast my spells and I made my curses 
Wishin' that a truck would get stuck 
         C                   G 
And then we could take their place, 
And leave France that day. 

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