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Tea for Two

Transcribed by: [email protected] 
Tea for Two  
A F C G  (2x quiet, 4x loud) 
       A         F       C            G   A 
          As a child, I play in the sandbox.  
                 F    G                   A 
          As a child, we could be friends.  
               F   C              G   A 
          Now that we have grown older 
                  F         G         A 
          That's come to a bitter end.  
                      F       C           G   A 
          Trucks and horses, replaced by guns.  
                  F      G               A 
          Ethnic hatred replaces the fun. 
                    F            C         G       A 
          We go on fighting and murdering brothers.  
                   F        G              A  
          But the greatest gift is love.  
      C         A      F	 
	An eye for an eye, 
                 G     A           G      F           C 
	a tooth for a tooth, or a cup of tea for two.  
               A       F            G      A 
	An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,  
	      C      F 
	or a cup of tea for two.  
        C F(octave+) A G  C F G   
       A      F        C              G     A 
          And So again we relive the story.  
                        F     G            A 
          The same old story man after man.  
                  F    C          G   A 
          And we think we are so wise.  
                  F              G 
          Then why can't we get back to the sand. 
     G F C                   G   F  C 
          And we search for more,  
                         G   F  C 
          never finding much.  
                           G       F        C 
          Believe like a child believes in love.  
     G---4-2-0-2-5-----3-2-0--                        \ 
     G---4-2-0-2-5-----9-10-9-7  (or B---5-6-5-3--)   / (2x) 
        A F C G A F G  (3x, last time over chorus) 
          Chorus (2x)  
All words and music (on the album) written by Bleach. Copyright 1996 
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