Billie Marten

Vanilla Baby

Billie Marten

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Vanilla Baby


C             Em        
Today, I feel close to ill 
D              Am 
It seems to be alright 
C                Em 
Steady hands and steady feet 
D              Am 
I push you far behind 
C                Em 
Miles to go, I'm drifting slow 
D                      Am 
This wholesome life of mine 
C              Em 
Mother told us not to go 
   D              Am 
No fingers in the fire 

Em  Em7  Em 

  C                      D         B7          
I am only as good as you want me to be 
  C                 A7         D7            B7 
I don't pick up the phone if I don't want to speak 
    C                    D        B7 
I am only as good as you want me to be 
  A                  D 
I don't know what I'm doing 
It's easy to see 

C  Em  D  Am 

G                             A             C 
Pages after pages I write for me and no one else 
Standing tall, no brick in the wall 
  A            Am 
I take care of myself 
G            D 
Fickle is as fickle does 
   A        C 
As solitary links 

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