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Bee Gees

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by europeu

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My life has been a song

  		D            G    E                                A  
Sweet simple song of different light and different shades 
F#                           Bm    G                 E  
The sound of life erupts and fades and all the world must 
to play along 
A                   D      A 
My life has been a song 
D         G      E                            A 
Here as I sleep, the love I dream will gently creep 
F#              Bm       G        G#m             Em  G#m   A  
Inside my heart I softly keep the tune that plays too long 
A                  D  
My life has been a song 
Am7                     Am                               Bm  
Every sound in my head, every word that I said is like a melody 
Em                               G      D 
That no litle person like me could ever change 
Every sound in the street , all the cold and the heat 
is like a simphony simphony 
Em                                     A 
Wich has never before been rearranged 
Repeat the verse twice and finish 
Chords by Jorge Umemaru 


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