When I Say


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When I Say

Intro: F#   E   B   F# 

         F#            E 
What you are is what I see 
       B             F#              
What I see is what I want it to be 

(Repeat Intro) 

       F#         E 
When I say I love you 
       B         F# 
What I mean is I really do 

G#m                             C# 
I'm not the one who'll give you everything you need 
But what I mean is that I'll try 
B                           G#m 
I can't deny that I've been burning inside 
B                             C# 
For all the things I'll never see 

        F#         E             B 
So come on, be yourself, nothing else 
Who could ask for any more 
        F#                  E 
And you know, they all love you 
        B              F# 
What is more, I really do 

(Repreat Chorus) 

(Repeat Intro 2x) 

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