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by moidealves

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Key:  G
Intro : G  Em  Bm  D7 (2x) 

Couplet 1 : 

G                     Em 
We have gone to the country 
          Bm        D7 
In your old car 
G                Em 
We have lost our way 
      Bm            D7 
So many times 

C Am Hello, hello G Bm I take you on a trip C Am Hello, hello G Bm I take you on a trip
Break musical : G Em Bm D7 (2x) Couplet 2 : G Em Eating your Chupa Chup Bm D7 A plane is making a loop G Em The beavers are so cute Bm D7 A tree gave me a fruit REFRAIN Break Musical : G Em Bm D7 (2x) REFRAIN C Am Hello (hello), hello (hello) G Bm Hello (hello), hello (hello) (4x) Outro: C Am G Bm

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